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Our MAPLE CLUB is run similar to a "CSA" which stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  When you purchase our Maple Club you will be directly supporting our sugarhouse by buying products in advance!  CSA's or in our case a CLUB, make wonderful gifts for to yourself or someone you care about that would love some Pure Maple Syrup and Maple Products throughout the year!

You Can choose the CLUB SIZE that best meets your need:

SMALL SHARE - 1/2 pints syrup with small size maple products

MEDIUM SHARE - Pint syrup with medium size maple products

LARGE SHARE - Quart syrup with large size maple products

A shipment of products will go out upon ordering and then a delivery will come in the mail every two months there after for one year, totaling 6 shipments.  This can be personalized for each shipment as a gift from you if it is going to someone special for special occasions throughout the year.  Just let us know. 

In each shipment the recipient will receive a jug of syrup (dependent upon size of club and choice of grade if specified) along with one other maple product.  For example, the initial shipment will include your selected size jug of 100% Pure Wild Hill Maple Syrup, a Maple Recipe and one of the following maple products:  Maple Sugar Candy, Maple Cream, Maple Granulated Sugar, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, Maple Syrup in a decorative glass bottle or a Pre-Made Gift Set.

We take great pride in making our maple syrup and all our maple products which are 100% Pure Maple with no additives and are gluten free!

Each product will be carefully wrapped and packed in a mailing box for shipment at the appropriate time.

The Wild Hill Maple Club is priced for a year's subscription, after your initial $10 flat rate shipping all shipping fees are included in the total cost of the club!  Your first order will be shipped upon placement of your order and other will follow every other month and will include recipe cards, maple facts, etc along with a personal note from you if indicated or one from us!  What a great surprise it will be to get our products in the mail all year long!


WE HAVE A NEW LOOK! Please be aware of NEW LABELS ON SOME OF OUR JUGS (QUARTS, 3.4 oz and soon to be PINTS) >>>LOOK AT PHOTOS>>>WE STILL HAVE ALL SIZES AVAILABLE. However, due to a back order from our printer we will not have the family tradition jugs again until this spring. Please message us with any questions or if you have a preference and we will try to get you what you would like.

We thank you in advance for supporting WILD HILL MAPLE!

Julie Ryan & Brian Ducharme

Wild Hill Maple Club

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