Maple Facts & Recipes

Maple Syrup 
Grading System
Golden - mild, delicate maple flavor; used to make maple candy and cream
Amber - slightly stronger maple flavor; most popular table syrup
Dark - heartier maple flavor, also popular for table use
Very Dark - strongest maple flavor and most nutrient rich; often used in cooking
Health Benefits
  • Pure maple syrup contains zinc and manganese which help provide antioxidants to maintain heart health and boost immunity

  • Pure maple syrup is sweeter than sugar and can be substituted 2/3 part syrup to 1 part sugar

Production Facts
  • It takes anywhere from 30-60 gallons of raw maple sap to produce 1 gallon of pure maple syrup

  • Pure maple syrup is approximately 67% sugar and 33% water

  • Tapping maple trees inflicts no permanent damage to the tree

  • There are about 200 different species of maple trees, but sap can only be collected from 5 of them

  • The maple season lasts around 4-6 weeks, but the flow of sap is heaviest for only a portion of this time

  • Sunny days and frosty nights are the best conditions for sap flow